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Foster Parents

Brightmoor (Safe Families)

Safe Families for Children provides wrap around support for parents in crisis while their children are cared for in a safe and loving environment. Both the Family in need and the Host Family participate voluntarily, with no compensation or expectation of adoption. Ideally, the two families remain in contact, to reduce social isolation and provide ongoing support. 

Brightmoor Open Arms

Come draw on the strength and wisdom of fellow foster and adoptive families. Share your victories and your struggles in a safe and supportive space. 

MDHHS: Foster Care Statistics

Here you will find a variety of reports for MDHHS programs and services.

MDHHS: Adoption

Approximately 3,000 Michigan foster children are available for adoption at any given time. Of those children, nearly 300 do not have an identified adoptive family. We need your help to give these children a forever home.

Bethany: Safe Families

Through the Safe Families for Children ministry, volunteer Host Families offer loving care to parents, watching over their children while the parents regain stability.

Bethany: Adoption

It takes planning to find the path that suits you. It takes preparation to navigate the inevitable twists and turns of parenting. While it’s not always easy, the rewards are great, and you will not be alone. We’re here to walk with you as you travel toward your ultimate goal of welcoming a child into your family. It will be life-changing for all of you.

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