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OCTOBER 17th - 31st 2022 

Winter Apparel

Share The Warmth


Connect with the community, knowing that men, women and children in need will receive a warm coat. Coats provide warmth and safety during frigid weather and are essential items for our young adults with experience in foster care. Our first annual coat drive for young adults with experience in foster care runs October 17th - 31st.

"Our Bridge program participants are outside year round working, walking and using public transportation. They need a warm coat for their health and safety during the cold temperatures."

Gift a coat from the Amazon wishlist, easy to use and all online.

How-To Gift A Coat:

To purchase from the TNFC Coat Drive Gift List:

  1. Browse the gift list and select the item you want to buy.

  2. In the pop-up box, check the item details and select Add to Cart.

  3. When you're finished shopping the list, you can go to your Cart and Proceed to Checkout.

  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete your order.

  5. Ship to Nancy Colon, Bloomfield Hills, MI

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  • Only the registrant's name, city, and state will appear at checkout to protect the privacy of the gift list owner.

  • Items purchased from a Custom Gift List will be marked as purchased within a few hours, as long as the purchaser added the item to their shopping cart using the Add to Cart button in the gift list. If the item is ordered outside of the gift list, it won't be marked as purchased.

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The New Foster Care's mission is to make a transformative change in the Michigan foster care system and a measurable and meaningful impact in the lives of children who have experienced foster care.


The Bridge Program prepares young people with experience in foster care for their transition to adulthood through an individualized process, engaging them in their own futures planning, as well as providing developmentally appropriate and appealing supports and services. The Bridge employs a multidisciplinary team approach with each participant having the opportunity to work with a Transition Navigator, Personal Wellness Coach and Peer Support Specialist.

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