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Penny Wars

Last year we were able to raise over 14K and all proceeds went to our youth in our innovative transitional support service program, The Bridge. This year, we have over 50 young adults who will be receiving gifts through this year’s Penny Wars!

How To Participate:

Positive Points

Dollar Bills ($1, $5, $10, $20, & $50)


Negative Points

$100 bills and Gift Cards (i.e Target, Meijer etc.)

New Twist

At the end of week one, the team with the most points will get half of their points added to their total points.

Example: If Jim T's team is in the lead with 1,000 points after the first week, his team will be awarded 500 points. Their new team total is 1,500 points.

Contributions from colleagues, friends, and family may be solicited to increase your points or decrease the points of another team.


You may also create a Facebook Fundraiser to drum up support
(please review the
Facebook Fundraising sheets for rules relating to Facebook Fundraisers).

Christmas Decorations
 JAMES 1:27 
Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and  faultless is this: to look after their distress. 

Why We Raise Money

Raising money for young adults aging out of foster care is essential to address the unique challenges they face and provide them with the necessary support and resources for a successful transition to independence. It can make a significant difference in their lives and contribute to their well-being and future success.

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