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Giving a gift of joy for Christmas

Each year the opportunity to give a gift of joy to our participants by being a "Christmas Angel" and purchasing an item from our Christmas Wishlist is received generously. We are delighted with the amount of support provided this year.

Given the tremendous support, we wrapped and delivered over 300 gifts for our participants and their children. We are warm with the thought of them experiencing joy when they open their presents on Christmas morning.

Not only are we thankful to our "Christmas Angels" for making this holiday season merry and bright, but also thankful to our staff for their time preparing and transporting gifts to bring joy to our participants.

So our jolly efforts can be seen, we made a video to share:

Since our participants are on the path to transition to stable, resilient, successful adults we truly appreciate your generosity this holiday season to reward their efforts to progress in their life goals.

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